"I would like to thank you for all your hard work on this project. I really appreciate the fact that your team has delivered each proof much earlier than the agreed delivery dates. I also think that the layout looks fantastic; you have presented the huge amount of information in a very clear and accessible way. The communication was excellent; you keep me informed throughout the project and asked me to clarify the points that you didn't understand".- Project Editor

"At the first glance, it looks very good indeed."- Project Editor

"I have reviewed your work, which, in my opinion, is rather successful. I am quite impressed!"- Digital Media Production Controller- Creative services

"That looks great! You have got the different parts work well and the fonts you have replaced seem to be fine."

"Final draft has turned out really well! Thanks again to yourself and your team for all the efforts."

"Your team has done an Excellent Job!"- Editorial and production Manager

"I would be happy to give EWDS a good reference if other Pearson counterparts approach me."- Production Head

"Many thanks to everyone for their hard work in getting the pages to me much sooner than requested!" – Production Head

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"The customer can fix the TOC to their liking when they add the art back in."

"what a great job they did on this project.-Project Coordinator"

"A very big thank you to everyone for their great work!"

"Many thanks to everyone for their wonderful work and for getting the pages to me sooner than requested!"