EWDS uses proven learning approaches and strategies to create instructionally sound e-learning courses. We give special attention to context as well as learner characteristics for corporate e-learning as well as educational content. Our expertise ranges from taking the raw content from our customers, using innovative instructional design for effective storyboarding and then stitching it to form seamless e-learning course modules. The courses we develop are of three types based on their complexity : Level 1 Courses – These would be simple page turner type of courses with no interactivity. Level 2 Courses – These would contain limited interactivity, and could also include simple animations and illustrations. Level 3 Courses – These would contain high-fidelity interactivities, branching, simulations and other game-based learning features.

Interactivity could be simple navigation to custom written Learning Objects. Simulations are programs that behave depending on the users behavior. For example, Simulations in Coordinate Geometry, Simulations in Physics.

EWDS has a team of programmers who write these logic intensive scripts on both Flash and HTML5 for multi-platform support. We also do development on Captivate, Articulate, Xyleme, Lectora, etc.


  • Development of Interactive Learning Objects (E.g., Academic, Medical, Engineering)
  • Development of Simulations in different fields (E.g., Academic, Medical, Engineering)
  • Engineering Simulations/Analysis with Large Data – PHP/MySQL/MS-SQL/.NET/SVG/HTML5/JS/JAVA
    • Events and Triggers – Click, Drag and Drop, Touch, Gesture, Data Change
    • Behavior - Changing Objects including Dynamic Charts

Ancillary Services:

  • Conversion of Interactive Flash – HTML5/JS/CSS Interactivity

Mobile Based Learning

People are changing from computer to mobile and E-learning has become a part mobile devices. EWDS has been a part of this transformation with sound knowledge. Mobile learning is the buzz word and we know it. Our solutions span across all mobile operating platforms; be it smart phones, tablets, Ipad, Andriod, blackberry, blackberry.

A dedicated team of expertise run the show and have given custom based solution to each clients understanding the requirements.


  • Creating content using industry leading authoring tools
  • Interactive mobile application
  • Learning videos for mobile
  • Mobile quizzes and survey
  • Transforming existing content to make it mobile compatible
  • Mobile Educational games

Any latest technology adaption in the mobile learning environment is quickly incorporated in our client solution.