Art Process

Different type of art process:

  • Digital Image cleanup
  • Disk conversion
  • Relable
  • Redraw
  • Recolor
  • Image Deep etch

Digital Image cleanup:

Keep the image looking NATURAL and the items removed to look like they were never in the image to begin with.

  • In general remove any dust (dark/light spots) and scratches
  • No hard edges left behind when cleaning (Things should not look cut out)
  • No noticeable patterns from cloning
  • Remove anything that distracts from the overall image

Digital Cleanup
Original Image Final Image

Disk conversion:

The client provided sources files are converted to usable format in the term of TIFF and EPS. Disk conversion is done for both typesetting (pagination) and online publishing.

Disk conversion
Original Image Final Image


Relabelling is done when the figures are clear and the labeling have to be improved as they are hand written. They are also relabeled to enhance quality and to maintain consistency font style and size.

Original Image Final Image


Redraw as the name implies is drawing the whole figure again to maintain:

  • spacings, rule thickness
  • consistency in font size, sizing, patterns, stroke thickness, tint variations
  • to improve quality, clarity and readability and
  • to avoid copyright issues recreate the photo illustration also

MAP Redraw
Original Image Final Image

Photo Illustration Redraw
Original Image Final Image


Recoloring is done in the provided source files to meet client requirement such as spot color changes, process color changes and color value changes

Recolor Raster
Original Image Final Image

Recolor Vector
Original Image Final Image

Image Deep etch

Deep-etching is a graphic design term used to describe the process of removing a specific section of a photograph or image from its background so that it stands alone.

Deep Etch
Original Image Final Image