E-Learning Services & Solutions

EWDS provides highly resourceful solutions for your organization's e-learning requirements. We understand the growing need for a truly extensive interactive learning experience for your employees and hence deliver supreme quality e-learning services using state-of-the-art technologies. We craft comprehensive coursework with a non-linear interactive approach to learning including feedback modules and virtual exercises.

Our training programs are extremely tailored for your company's unique training needs. Improving employee performance, this program will also save on your training costs without compromising on quality or efficiency. Our adept Instructional Designers, Software professionals, Graphic Visualizers and Rich Media technology specialists put in their best efforts to create a product that surpasses your standards. The courses we develop are based on proven strategies to create instructionally sound virtual learning programs adaptive to the learning abilities of the user. We have three complexity levels in our e-learning courses, viz. bookish, non-interactive courses, courses with simple animations and limited interactivity and complex, highly interactive, simulation-based learning courses.

Insightful professionals of EWDS Private Ltd take the best advantage of the newest technologies to create highly engaging and dynamic content in e-learning courses. We use hi-tech software including Shockwave, Flash, DHTML and JavaScript to embed your courseware with 2D as well as 3D animations and cartoons. Simulations are used to help users test their own abilities using realistic simulated environments which we produce utilizing multi-tier technologies. We also develop games as a part of your program to make the learning more interesting.

e-learning is one of our core expertise areas as it brings together out vision of simplifying of your processes, while adding value to your business. In effect of their passion for innovation and technology, web application development, content management and assessment and reporting applications have been the favoured tasks by professionals at EWDS Private Ltd. Many content providers are looking to digitize their print formatted learning material in cost-effective ways. We also help convert CD-formatted content through web publishing. Translation and localization are another of our specializations. We provide excellent quality translations of your content into 15 global languages by well-practiced professionals and can also localize the content according to a specific region's cultural needs.

EWDS Private Ltd's all-inclusive and systematic solution needs to be in tone with your specific training needs. So we evaluate the requirements, understand the users and study the performance gaps if any and then devise a suitable instructional design that ensures that your training goals are met completely. We also provide consultancy services to companies on the basis of our analysis and our prevalent experience in this arena. Our QC professionals guide you with the quality checking of the e-learning programs developed by us or already existing in your organization and are available for help and support all the way through.