E-governance is the power provided to the government and citizens through information and communication technological solutions enabling interactivity via the internet and electronic mediums. Ewds is a global knowledge outsourcing company and is equipped the requisite infrastructure and experts from around the world to provide bespoke e-governing solutions.

Ewds has geared itself with radical technologies to serve the e-governance market in providing convenience as well as security. This is a 40000 crore market cut across various segments and we offer services in areas such as rural information management, national population registry, education, transport and traffic, land records and land central registry, agriculture, survey, dairy and disaster relief management.

Smart Card Based E-Governance Solutions

Multi National Identity Cards (MNIC)/Unique Identity Cards (UID)

The smart card is the latest initiative by the Indian government to facilitate national security by managing every citizen's identity among the huge population of India. This facilitates all e-governance processes in various segments of public service. Ewds can offer such smart cards under one umbrella which will benefit the society at large through its multiple applications.

E-Passports and E-licence

The government will also be introducing e-passports which will enable chip-based documentation simplifying many processes. Many countries already use biometric passports for their citizens making the work better and faster. Indian government is planning to initially introduce the system for government officials and representatives to test its effectiveness.

Ewds is working with international manufacturers to procure the inlays for operating systems for passports and supply with the authorization of the ministry of external affairs.

Driving License /Registration Certificate (DL/RC)

The state transport department is intending to induce IT into the sector for the purpose of maintaining a computerized database of licenses, permits and vehicle registrations. Ewds is also supplying e-license cards and registration certificates for this purpose. We have geared up towards utilizing the latest in technology for the same. The automobile industry is rapidly evolving and will be producing a high demand for e-licenses and registrations in the future.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has developed standardised software for the creation of smart cards and automation in RTOs in all the states. Right now it is being tested in certain states such as Rajasthan, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, New Delhi and so.

National Rural Employment Guaranteed Scheme (NREGS)

National Rural Employment Guaranteed Scheme (NREGS) was introduced by the government to provide guaranteed wage employment to adult volunteers in rural areas of the country. This is to boost the income and security of the people living in these areas. The scheme ensures a minimum of hundred days of wage to an adult member of each family.

Ewds assists the government with smart card management solutions for this purpose. We have extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge of these solutions as we partner with system integrators to deliver an all-inclusive service. We are equipping ourselves to serve better the developing nations of the world such as India and Africa in facilitating e-agriculture schemes by the governments.

Public Distribution System (PDS)

The government distributes essential commodities like rice, wheat and sugar to the public at subsidised rates, in accordance to the income and financial standing of each citizen. This ration system is executed at various Fair Price Shops around the country. This benefits a number of people below poverty line and requires an organized methodology to help instant verification and fair distribution of all the goods.

At present, there is a project for converting paper-based ration cards into biometric smart cards to maintain a database of all the beneficiaries. So the right person gets the right amount of commodities under a secured foolproof mechanism. With information and communication technology intervention, the process can be connected through one system for the entire country and everyday operation details can be recorded systematically.

Land Records

Ewds also offers advisory services to the state government department for land records regarding the implementation of an automated recording system for land ownerships that ensures security. Issuing a smart card along with every paper registration of land will resolve any dispute that might arise; this also helps lending agencies during their loans and refinancing services.

Healthcare and Medical Insurance Cards

Another important sector that requires e-governance is healthcare. The state government spends a huge part of its revenue for providing healthcare services to the public, mostly below the poverty line. Around the world, medical insurance and networked healthcare system has helped provide a secured system beneficial to the general public. Computerization and networking of all the hospitals throughout the state will make treatment procedures as well as billing and insurance a very convenient process.

The use of insurance smart cards will bring about a revolution in the way government hospitals cater to the general public. Every patient treated across any medical care facility will have a card which will be checked for data by the hospital. This e-health system helps maintain a medical history for everyone as well as precise billing procedures for insurance purposes.

Multipurpose Cards

Our R&D team work persistently towards creating multi-utility cards with higher memory supporting e-governance applications such as e-IDs, e-passport, e-healthcare, e-ration, e-license and a lot more in a single smart card. This will provide a extremely convenient system for both the government and the citizens to maintain completely organization e-governance in one single system.

Software Based Solutions

Ewds provides software solutions for a wide number of central and state government initiatives. We are totally geared up to do system integration for e-government solutions. We leverage the government's investments delivering a truly comprehensive solution addressed to each segment's unique needs decreasing risk factors consequentially. We utilize the best of processes to provide optimized compatibility of information integration of software and hardware components, applications and network and web immigration. Ewds has forced alliances with partners that offer different innovative solutions for e-governance.

Legacy Content Digitization

Ewds is vastly equipped with state-of-the-art technology and expertise to digitize, index and cross-refer content at a large scale. Legacy documents in various government sectors that are vulnerable to wear and tear are digitized and made internet ready for the citizens. We have developed proprietary technology to help the government convert invaluable documents from its archives into digital assets easily, enabling easy reproduction and updating of content.

Our robust digitizing solution and experienced content staff offers rapid and reliable conversions with a cost-effective and high-quality product. Our semi-automated processes and detail oriented employees ensure accuracy and speed of delivery. This simplifies and eases the process of e-governance and facilitates access of information beyond place and time boundaries for a verity of purposes.

Digital Learning and Education

Ewds assists educational institutions such as schools and universities as well as government departments by offering robust e-learning solutions for their training and learning needs. We design basic e-learning softwares to highly interactive and dynamic modules depending on the requirement and budget of the project. Our training programs are completely tailor-made by our instructional and visual designers helping simplify the learning process.

Our core area of expertise is providing Management Information Systems (MIS) to the government for optimum effectiveness in execution. We utilize various automated information management methods to analyze the systems and operations in use. This aids the government in major decision-making processes. We also admin systems for the government as we constantly update and refresh information and content on the network.

In conclusion, Ewds works towards assisting the government in various developing nations to improve their data security, manage multiple processes, documentation, optimized and rapid functioning and most of all, improved safety and quality of life to the public. We help the government at all levels with our industry experience and in-house know-how to deliver improved service to the citizens.