Conversion Services

Data conversion services

Using leading-edge technologies and skilled staff, we convert your unstructured data into a variety of useful digital formats. We capture data from all types of handwritten forms accurately, rapidly, and cost-effectively and convert it into a powerful management resource.

Content digitization

Today, content is knowledge. Ewds works on repurposing content to your needs. We provide content digitization services which involves conversion of printed matter to electronic formats. You can share and re-use the content based on the needs. Digitization of content gives the flexibility and adaptability.

E-book conversion

We have our own in-house processes that easily and efficiently convert the handwritten/original data or documents to an e-Book. We aim at delivering the file output to maximize portability and interactivity of electronic books enabling them to be read on a notebook, palm or desktop computer, tailored to suit the individual requirements of the reader.

E-Pub conversion for iPad

We are pioneers in converting original printed books to iPad ebooks for various publishers. Our time tested processes in Epub Testing ensures that the ePUB files will work effectively in all electronic hand held devices like iPad, Sony and Kindle. We strive to leave our readers with a easy, fun and pleasurable experience and guarantee our ePUB files for quality images, formats and indexing.

NIMAS Conversion

Ewds has a proven experience in conversion of traditional textbooks to the NIMAS file set as per the NIMAC requirements. Source files (in XML) are used to develop multiple specialized formats (such as Braille or audio books) for students with print disabilities.

NLM conversion

Ewds is capable of generating XML files of any types of tag sets, metadata xml & graphics in any format for books and journals, complying to NLM standards. Ewds has implemented a large number of electronic data conversion projects and document conversion projects for its customers from different verticals, around the globe.

Fixed layout e-pub conversion

Ewds is an expert at conversion of books from different formats into fixed layout e-pub format. Our various types of conversion services in this space include the following;

  • Video embedded fixed layout conversion
  • Audio embedded fixed layout conversion
  • Interactive fixed layout conversion
  • Puzzle in fixed layout e book
  • Read aloud fixed layout e book
  • Animated fixed layout e book